Thursday, June 30, 2011

Delivery Day

So we loaded the bike under sunny skies and prepared to head North a couple hours to present Ben with his new Cycle.  As we pulled out of the drive thru for Tim Horton's the previously sunny skies took on that ominous grey hue that grew darker by the minute.  We set off regardless because we were anxious to get the bike to Benno and he was equally anxious to see/ride it.

The drive up was uneventful.  The rain held off for the majority of the drive and the sun poked through a few times.

We pulled into his driveway two hours later.  We unloaded the bike and knocked on his door.

His face when he saw it said it all.  His folks were there and in minutes the street was filled with friends and neighbors and the sweet sound of a revving engine.  He walked around it and donned his lid and laced up his shoes and went for a tear. 

He loves it, and we loved building it for him.

Safe riding Benno.

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