Sunday, July 10, 2011

TFMW products coming soon!

For those of you who dont know what TFMW stands for, here you go.  

This is what they have to say.

"The Factory Metal Works is an up an coming custom motorcycle parts design company located in Charlotte North Carolina.

The Factory is made up of some of the automotive race industries most brilliant minds. We took our knowledge and skills to create new & improved bolt & weld-on applications for a new age of vintage bikes.

We at the factory build some of the best parts available for custom vintage bikes."

Us here at Bullit Custom Cycles Inc. are proud to partner up with these fine fellas and bring their gear up to the Great White North.  We will be carrying a select supply of their offerings and increasing our selection as needs and wants dictate. 

Check out their full assortment of parts and cool stuff HERE

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