Friday, November 18, 2011

The Creature

I bought this little beauty off Matt from Death Science down in North Carolina.  I ran it the way i got it for the remainder of the season with hardly an issue.  The only issue i found was getting the carb set up right and i wasn't to comfortable with the bars as they were.  I changed the bars over to Z's with 6" dog bones and found a CV carb on e-bay (yet to be installed).  So now we've had our first days of snow and it looks as though there won't be an riding days left.  I've thrown the Creature on the lift and started to change her up a little bit.  Only a little, the lads made this one close to perfect in my opinion.  First to go were the Z's, i went back to the vintage buckhorn bars but turned them out for a bit more control.  Then off came the headlamp.  I went for the classic aris style head light duo.  And to finish off the day I replaced the slash cut drag pipes with some Paughco up swept goose neck pipes from Old-STF Cycle.  Next will be to replace the carb, add a front brake lever and cable and replace the seals on the forks.  I'm not sure if i'll try to knock out the small buckle in the rear fender from when i was re-ended.  It doesn't rub anywhere and the paint is intact.  My luck i'd try and the paint will split and fuck it all up.

And yes its cramped in my little slice of heaven.

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