Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lisa's CB 550

So Rob has been at it again.  This has been a project that has been started and stopped  more time then I'd like to remember.  It started live with me as a 1977 Honda CB550 stocker/cafe.  It quickly lost a bit of the dead weight and received a new hardtail.  The hardtail was done by Julio, a welding magician and owner of Mena Custom Bike Seats.  Then it sat around my garage where it wore more tanks, seats, wheels, bars and fenders then a sickle diva.  Rob had had enough and wanted to get his mits on it.  He took it and had the frame powder coated along with a bunch over other little bits and pieces. It looks as though he has started to reassemble it for another mock up.  And if i do say so, it look pretty damn good.  We should have this one ready for a brief showing at the CVMG swap meet on Oct 2.  So keep an eye open for our booth.

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