Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mods and Rockers Toronto

Mods and Rockers Toronto was a few weeks ago and it was well worth attending and sponsoring.  It started on Friday night with a meet and greet/show and shine at the Black Dice Cafe. We met a lot of great people and saw some great machines.  The Saturday started at Rockabilly Rock, but unfortunately we had an issue with Gazoo and went straight to the Dominion on Queen.  It was popping fuses and made me a little nervous so off to the bar for pints we went.

At the Dominion they put on a BBQ and they dishing out chicken and burgers.  There was a burlesque show and a contortionist bending herself in crazy shapes.  Then came the main event, the awards ceremony.  Gazoo came runner up for "Best in Show".  The dude that won had already left so they gave it to us.  He also won "Best Cafe Racer" with this little beauty.

We felt that he really deserved the trophy so we made contact and offered it up.  It appears that his "Best Cafe Racer" trophy went walk-a-bout and the person who collected it for him never turned it over. 

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